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Inail’s objectives are:

  • protecting workers performing hazardous jobs
  • facilitating the return to work of people injured at workplace
  • reducing the incidence of accidents and occupational diseases.

The insurance - compulsory for all employers hiring subordinate and parasubordinate workers in the activities that the law defines as risky - protects workers against damages due to work-related accidents and occupational diseases; this protection, according to the principle of "automatic entitlement to benefits," also includes those cases where the insurance premium has not been paid regularly by the employer.

The insurance releases the employer from liability resulting from the damage caused by his employees, except when he has committed violation of the rules on prevention and safety at work.

The worker protection, even as a result of recent legislative changes, has increasingly taken on the characteristics of an integrated system of protection, ranging from preventive actions at the workplace to medical services and financial assistance; to rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of workplace accidents or professional diseases to social and working life.

Since 2010 Inail’s tasks have also included the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases of maritime employees and ships crews registered in foreign compartments. Moreover, it is also responsible for research in the field of work accident prevention, safety at workplace, health in the living and working environment.

Ensuring the protection of workers and prevention in the workplace is one of the main objectives pursued by Inail.

Through continuous innovation and policies to strengthen the territory, Inail provides information, training, assistance and advice concerning health and safety at workplace. Inail financially supports businesses - in particular medium and small enterprises, and the craft and agricultural businesses – that improve the levels of protection of the health and safety of workers and is actively involved in establishing interactions with institutions and the social partners and collaborations with organizations working in the same field.