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Safety at workplace

Inail has the objectives of reducing injuries, protecting workers performing hazardous jobs, informing them about the risks at workplace, training the health personnel, and spreading the culture of health and safety at workplace.

Inail helps to disseminate knowledge in the field of safety and health at workplace through the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops on general and specific issues; the promotion of studies and research on the dynamics of the accident both in general and in specific areas of risk; the realization and distribution of publications, audiovisual works and software available for free or by paying a refund to anyone who requests it; it ensures the technical management of the National Information System for Prevention (SINP) in the workplace in order to provide useful data to guide, plan and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, and to direct monitoring activities, by means of the integrated use of the available information also through the integration of specific files and the creation of unified databanks.

Inail realizes training courses for specific areas of work of both the private and the public system, addressed to professionals involved in prevention at different levels of role and expertise.

Assistance and advice
Inail promotes the adoption of Safety at workplace management systems (Sgsl) and the dissemination of technical or organizational solutions to help sustain businesses in the progressive improvement of the quality levels of prevention in the workplace.
Promotion of a culture of prevention in the workplace
Inail promotes the dissemination of a culture of prevention through projects aimed at informing and training Italian and foreign workers, employers, students and school workers on health and safety at workplace and in the living environment.

Support for businesses
Inail supports businesses that invest in prevention with:

  • Economic incentives: support for the implementation of projects aimed at improving health and safety at workplace and for the realization of innovative technological and organizational solutions;
  • tariff subsidies for businesses: a premium reduction for companies that realize interventions to improve health and safety at workplace.