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Worker protection

Inail protects workers who are injured or contract a disease because of their work by giving them financial and medical support even if the employer has not paid the insurance premium.

Exceptions to this principle are:

  • the self-employed workers who, in case of a work accident or a professional disease, are not in compliance with the payment of the insurance premium and will not receive the economic benefits until they pay the insurance premium;
  • housewives/househusbands who have an accident at home, but at the time of the event have not yet paid the insurance premium and, therefore, are not entitled to benefits.

Inail’s economic benefits include:

  • temporary total disability benefit
  • Lump sum for biological damage
  • Annuity for biological damage and financial consequences benefit (annuity)
  • interim compensation for silicosis and asbestosis
  • annuity to survivors and funeral grants
  • supplement to direct annuity
  • direct benefit, annuity to survivors and funeral grants for home insurance policyholders
  • allowance for continuous personal assistance
  • special monthly allowance to survivors
  •  ‘una tantum’ benefit - Fund supporting families of workers who are victims of fatal accidents
  • additional benefit to direct annuity and annuity to survivors of the Asbestos Fund

Healthcare benefits:

  • outpatient treatment at Inail’s local branches
  • reimbursement of expenses in case of travel and accommodation for spa treatments and climatic stays
  • reimbursement for Class C medicine expenses during the temporary total disability

Integrative or welfare benefits:

  • unemployability allowance
  • integrative end-of-year sum
  • patent and badge of honor