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Governing bodies

He is the legal representative of the Institute. He manages relationship with national and international institutional bodies. He signs acts and documents which involve both public and private third parties.

Advisory and Supervisory Board
It defines programs and identifies the guidelines of the Institute, it determines the long-term strategic objectives, performs the functions of supervision in order to achieve the objectives and ensure the proper economic management of resources.

General Director
As the head of the organizational structure of the Institute, he oversees the personnel and the organization of services, ensuring the operating and technical-administrative unity. He proposes on the subjects of operational restructuring of the Institute, the size of workforce and the promotion of managers. He is directly responsible for achieving results and objectives.

Board of Statutory Auditors
It performs the functions laid down in Article 2403 and following of the Italian Civil Code, it supervises the management of the Institute, the legislative and accounting compliance and ascertains that the financial statements fairly reflects the data in the accounting records.

Judge of the Court of Auditors
He is authorized to control Inail’s financial management.