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Committee for the management of the special independent fund for insurance against home accidents
Appointed by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy for a term of three years, it is composed of Inail President and General Director, three representatives of the Ministries (Labour, Economy and Finance, Health) and six representatives nominated by the most representative professional organizations on a national basis. It makes suggestions regarding the extension and improvement of benefits, monitors the inflow of contributions and decides on appeals relating to contributions and benefits.

The Advisory Committee for equal opportunities, the workers welfare and antidiscrimination (CUG)
Cug was introduced in Public Administration by Article 21 of Law 183/2010, replacing the previous Committee for Equal Opportunities and the Committee on mobbing. Inail founded Cug by General Director’s dispositions no. 41 of 15 July 2011. The Committee can propose, consult and monitor Inail’s activity in order to create a work environment characterized by antidiscrimination (for gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, language, age and disability), with the aim of strengthening the protection of male and female workers.

Committee for the management of the asbestos victims fund
Appointed by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs for a term of three years, it is composed of representatives of the Ministries (Labour and Economy and Finance), Inail, the most representative trade unions at national level and Associations of asbestos victims. It draws up the annual financial statements, on the basis of criteria established by the Supervisory Board; it is involved in the procedure of determination and variation of the additional benefits; it monitors the income tax surcharge, the delivery of benefits and the management of the fund; it carries out all the tasks assigned to it by the Operating Regulation.

Scientific Committee
Appointed and chaired by Inail President for a three-year term, it is composed of highly qualified experts with scientific and technical knowledge. Committee members are appointed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Education, University and Research; the Ministry of Health; the Permanent Conference for relations between the state, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano; Inail President and the Advisory and Supervisory Board. The Scientific Committee, at the request of the President, makes suggestions on specific issues and also expresses its opinion on:
• the three-year Plan of research activities in relation to the setting, relevance, technical quality and methodology of the research projects;
•  collaborative projects with national and international organizations, public or private;
• research projects to be submitted for participation in regional, national and international announcements, according to the deadlines;
• the subjects selected for scholarships;
• the activities of technical and scientific structures - on the basis of scientific criteria established by the Committee.