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Inail’s history

Inail (the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work), was founded in 1933 when the Cassa Nazionale Infortuni was unified to other small public funds in a single body. The new institute was expected to grow in size and importance over the following decades, with the extension of insured events, and the absorption of smaller institutions, responsible for accident insurance of particular categories of workers.

The basic principles of the insurance against accidents and occupational diseases were introduced in 1935: the compulsory insurance relationship, the automatic entitlement to benefits, the healthcare benefits, the review of revenues and a new concept of healthcare for people with severe disabilities.

In 1965, the basic principles of accident insurance were all collected in a Unified body of Law (Decree n. 1124 of the President of the Republic of June 30, 1965) and over the years subsequent amendments extended its scope. Legislative Decree 626/1994, as amended and supplemented by Legislative Decree 242/1996, gave Inail some highly important tasks: information, advice and assistance in the field of safety and health at workplace, in particular for small and medium enterprises and for craft businesses. In 1999 a compulsory insurance was introduced for "housewives", male or female, between 18 and 65 years, working habitually, for free and without a relationship of subordination, for the care of his/her family and home (Law 493/1999 ).

In 2000, the institutional mission of Inail further evolved (Legislative Decree No. 38 /2000), including also the protection of physical and psychological integrity of the injured people (reference is to the permanent biological damage) and accidents occurred during the journey to and from work. Moreover, the insurance was extended to parasubordinate workers, executives and professional athletes.

In 2008 and 2009, the rules on protection and safety at workplace were brought together in a Unified body of Law (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions, which repealed and summarized the content of the legislative decree 626/1994). Supervisory activities were revised and coordinated as well as the sanctions system; health and safety at work became part of school and university programs.
The public information system for the sharing and dissemination of data on accidents, inspections and activities in the field of health and safety at work (National Information System for prevention at workplace - SINP) was realized.

In 2010 Inail took over the functions of Ispesl (Higher Institute for Prevention and Occupational Safety) and Ipsema (Insurance Institute for the Maritime Sector), further increasing its institutional responsibilities (Law of 30 July 2010, no. 122). The so called Pole of health and safety was taking shape.

Therefore, Inail is now the only authority able to operate for health protection at workplace and at home, by providing insurance and benefits; prevention and scientific research; health benefits; rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of workplace accidents or professional diseases to social and working life; advice for businesses, certification and inspection.