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An integrated approach, based on measurements and modeling techniques, will be used to estimate the spatial distribution of population exposure to PAHs, to identify key determinants of high exposures including time-activity and locations in relation to the sources and to estimate potential health effects on the target population.
In order to reach the common goals in Expah, the work within the project takes an interdisciplinary and innovative approach integrating field campaigns, modelling development and application and data analysis techniques. It represents an innovative design and implementation of approaches to monitor and assess the state of environment focusing on PAHs compounds, and factors that impact on them. The project will use different background expertises including atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry, toxicology and epidemiology.
In Expah, the urban area of Rome (Italy) will be selected as a site for a detailed evaluation. Rome is one of the largest cities in Italy covering an area of 1290 km2 with a population of about 3 million inhabitants.